Why Join

Why Join a HOPE Sunshine Club?

To work together to accomplish a common goal of helping each other and the students in your and entire school community. Want to make a difference at your school and community? If so, be part of an exciting club that will teach you problem solving, coping and leadership skills. Learning this will help you understand and cope with everyday stressors that a student like you may face. Make new friends while making a difference in each other’s life through different activities, icebreakers, and events. Enhance your personal and social skills while helping to preventing suicide at your school.

Look at the following 10 advantages of being part of a HOPE Sunshine Club. 

  1. The HOPE Sunshine Club is a great way to meet and bond with friends whose common goal is to help fellow students and encourage them to make positive changes in their community. 
  2. The HOPE Sunshine Club is a lot of fun. 
  3. The HOPE Sunshine club gives you the ability to learn how to better cope with high school stress.
  4. You will get community services hours for the work you do for the Hugs for HOPE Hug-A-Thon
  5. You will learn ways to help yourself and fellow students not only Understand, but also communicate. 
  6. You will make a difference in how the students in your school look at and treat each other. 
  7. You will be better prepared to deal with life’s ups and downs. 
  8. You will gain self confidence that will enable you to succeed.
  9. You will gain and understanding of brain disorders and diseases and how to help those suffering from them. 
  10. You will learn how to express, cope with, and solve your problems.