Why Volunteer to Help a HOPE Sunshine Club

The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, Inc., FISP is a non-profit organization who depends on our volunteers to help us serve more at a less cost. We depend on our volunteers to help us Provide those services every day. Without our devoted volunteers we would not have been able to develop our programs and deliver our services. If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, student, or just an interested community member, we would love to have you volunteer. After years of program development and working with teens, parents, teachers and schools, FISP has developed a High School prevention program that is very different from those already available. The HOPE Sunshine Club program engages teens in a fun, inclusive, and creative prevention program. HOPE Sunshine Club’s curriculum encourages individual and group growth with all types of skills, leadership opportunities and community involvement in an after school program at school. The objective is to help teens cope and solve the problems that adolescents face daily in today’s complex and ever changing society. Therefore, FISP took all our experience and the programs we had been successfully using for years and combined, redesigned and enhanced them into a teen program that would appeal to adolescents. We made it fun, creative and educational. Programs like the HOPE Sunshine Clubs do not run by themselves. In order to make the program successful we need funding and staff. FISP depends on our volunteers to help with every phase of our programs. We would not be able to run the HOPE program in so many schools in Florida. Presently, we have 20 active HOPE Sunshine Clubs throughout Broward and Pasco county. That sums up why we need volunteers. Now this is what we need volunteers to do. If you want to help please call 954-384-1384 or sign up on this website Next let us know what you are interested in doing to help and what skills you have. Some of the jobs we need can be done at your home. Some will involve you going to a school, our office, or a fundraising site. What do you choose to volunteer for?
  1. Help organize HOPE Sunshine programs
  2. Distribute materials to groups
  3. Help maintain the website by keeping the information up to date
  4. Write Blog information for the site
  5. Go to schools and help add new clubs
  6. Help at fundraising and HUGS for HOPE events.
  7. Recruit more volunteers
  8. Volunteer in the office
  9. Help get HOPE Sunshine Club sponsors
  10. Help make displays for the HUGS for HOPE Events
As you can see FISP needs its volunteers to help make the HOPE Program a success and allow it to grow. Let us know if you have any other ideas about how to help! We are always Open to new ideas to help our program better and serve more teens.