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WHY and How the
Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, Inc., FISP
Needs You to Get Involved

There is a suicide in the U.S. every 12.3 minutes and an attempt every 30 seconds and these are only the ones we know about!

WHY FISP is Fighting the Fight to Prevent Suicide Suicide is the 3rd highest killer of teens in the United States. Suicide is the 8th highest killer of Floridians for a total of 2922 deaths by suicide in 2012. The counties with the highest number of suicides in Florida are: Broward County ranks #1, Miami-Dade #2, and Palm Beach #3 making South Florida the area in most need of suicide prevention programs. The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, Inc., FISP, is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization who is committed to the prevention of suicide in the State of Florida by helping to alleviate those factors in society contributing to feelings of alienation, desperation, isolation, helplessness, and hopelessness through education, support, advocacy, and research. FISP was established in 1991 by five families who lost children by suicide. Their goal was to help prevent other families from having to experience the unbearable pain of losing a loved one to suicide. Since then FISP has been a leader in Suicide Prevention in Florida. FISP is one of the founding members of the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition who helped create the Florida State Suicide Prevention Strategy and helped pass the law creating the Florida State Office of Suicide Prevention and the Florida State Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council in 2007. FISP has served as a member of that Council since its’ creation in 2007. HOW You can Make a HUGE Difference in Suicide Prevention! Start a Club - Become a Member - Be a Sponsor - Volunteer - Be a Club Parent Volunteer In keeping with FISP’s mission, FISP has developed the HOPE Sunshine Club curriculum for middle and high school students in Florida. HOPE Sunshine Clubs provide access to the tools students need to develop the skills that will allow them to succeed. These include the FISP researched “Solutions Unlimited Now” Problem Solving and Coping Skills SUN Program. The FISP SUN Program has been used successfully with over 1,000 teens in over 100 SUN groups since 2001. FISP has proven that a structured group activity such as the HOPE Sunshine Clubs; which includes the SUN Program, give teens the support they need. It helps them feel a sense of belonging, accomplishment, empathy, increased self-worth, acceptance and purpose. All these feelings are so important to the mental well-being of teens while they are in the stages of exploring life. FISP has worked together with students and teachers to insure that the functioning of the HOPE Sunshine Clubs meet the needs of the students. FISP continues to help students develop their clubs by assisting and providing each of the clubs with program materials, volunteer hours, and support. The bonding of the HOPE Sunshine Club members and the teacher sponsor helps teens feel that they are not alone and that they have someone to go to when they need help solving their problems. It is easier for teens to go to peers than to family. The ability to have a safe place to share and reduce the stresses of school and home problems reduces the risk of depression and suicide. The group members work together to accomplish this common goal of helping each other, fellow students in their school, friends, family members at home and people they associate with in the community. In order to encourage leadership skills the FISP HOPE Sunshine CLUBS’ Presidents will participate in the President’s Teen Board. This Board has been approved by the FISP Board of Directors who will help the members learn how an organization functions and groom the members to be involved in their community as they go off to college and become adults. Each year the clubs will hold a HUGS FOR HOPE Hug-a-thon. FISP encourages parents, teachers, and local businesses and organizations to participate in the event and other club activities. This event will engage the entire community to educate them about the club’s activities and its goal to help prevent suicide. FISP is the creator of the HOPE Sunshine CLUBS concept and is working hard to spread it all over Florida in every middle and high school. FISP is working every moment of every day to give students the opportunity to be in a HOPE Sunshine Club so they can learn that problems can be solved. If they feel that this is true then they don’t have to feel helpless and hopeless and resort to suicide because they feel there is no solution to their problems.