The HOPE Sunshine Club is a safe place to share problems and help each other. 1. Hope Sunshine Club Membership Dues are $10 for each student member to be paid to FISP from the club school treasury and in accordance with school regulations. This membership fee includes a FISP HOPE Sunshine Club t-shirt and bracelet provided by FISP. If a student cannot pay dues, arrangements can be made to subsidize their membership fee through fundraising events or donations. 2. HOPE Sunshine club meetings are held once a week after school at school for one hour with the club teacher sponsor or a substitute teacher always in attendance. 3. Follow all HOPE Sunshine Club constitutional requirements. 4. All students are welcome to belong to the HOPE Sunshine Club. 5. Any student may come to a meeting with a problem even if they are not a member and must adhere to the club rules and regulations of confidentiality. 6. All HOPE Sunshine Club members and students must be courteous, respectful, and helpful to all students and/or teachers attending a HOPE Sunshine Club meeting. 7. All Hope Sunshine Club discussions are kept confidential unless someone is at risk of injuring themselves or someone else. 8. All additional rules and regulations not specified here or by the school in which the club is held shall be agreed upon by at least half of the HOPE Sunshine Club members and validated by a vote. 9. All anonymous reasonable problems and suggestions placed in the box outside or in the Club sponsor teacher’s room will be discussed during the HOPE Sunshine Club meetings. 10. No cell phones or electronic devices may be used for personal purposes during club meetings.