Why and How Parents Need to Get Involved High school is filled with stress and temptations. Help your child learn how to deal with those stresses and resist those temptations. That is why FISP encourages parents to become involved in supporting the HOPE Sunshine club at their teen’s school. HOPE Sunshine club membership will help your child increase communication, problem solving, and coping skills. It will also educate them about prevention of substance abuse, bullying and suicide. The HOPE Sunshine Club will expand your child’s emotional intelligence. Research shows that when a group of teens work together toward a common goal it helps them understand the value of reaching out and helping others. High school programs like the HOPE Sunshine Club can make everlasting changes in their lives. Team efforts demand high collaboration, which in turn requires effective communication and other abilities like tackling person-to-person issues which will inevitably increase social and emotional skills. Self-awareness, self-management, empathy and interpersonal skills like communication, negotiation, collaboration, and persuasion are skills that will enhance your child’s life. The HOPE Sunshine Club gives adolescents the tools to learn the skills that will enable them to better make decisions. This will ultimately result in a more competent and successful future. By get involved and helping their child’s club be a success parents show their children by example how helping other club members and students can change a community. You will be giving your child and other teens in your community the tools to be successful in life. Parents set the examples that adolescents follow. Show them that supporting others is a value that you share and want them to live by. Pitch in and…….
  • Help your student find a teacher to become the HOPE Sunshine Club sponsor to start a club.
  • Pay the cost of membership for your child or of other students who cannot afford to pay the $20 membership fee.
  • Show your children that you support what they are doing to help others and themselves.
  • Encourage them to make their world better by being a responsible citizen.
  • Get involved by supporting the various activities of the club.
Those activities include:
  1. Fundraising events to raise funds for activities and food for meetings (club expenses)
  2. Securing supplies for the HUGS For HOPE Event displays
  3. Selling HOPE Bracelets and T-Shirts
  4. Volunteering to participate at fundraising events
  5. Volunteering to help set up and be part of the HUGS for HOPE Event
  6. Being an example of how helping others can help your child become a HOPE Club Hero
  7. Be involved and blog on the parents Blog page about ideas to help the HOPE Club mission
  8. Donate to or sponsor your child’s HOPE Sunshine Club
  9. Blog about how HOPE has helped your teen
  10. Share with other parents’ the successes of your child and their HOPE Club experiences.