Hope Heroes

HOPE HERO AWARD All Teachers and Students! Have you seen a teen “Do the right thing” and wish they could be recognized? You can now nominate them for an H.O.P.E. HERO AWARD! The H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Problems Effectively) Sunshine Club members started the club in order for there to be a place where students can learn to positively cope with any problems they may be facing in or outside of school. The club at Taravella High School was the first in Broward County now many others schools are starting all over Broward County. One of the goals of the club is to promote positive acts that protect other students. This award is meant to be a method of recognition for bravery out of concern for others. Some actions that are worthy of this award: - Breaking up a fight - Reporting instances of bullying to the proper people - Making teachers or administration aware of students with thoughts of suicide, hurting themselves or severe depression - Making teachers or administration aware of a student planning physical harm to students and adults on campus. - Any situation where a student makes a brave decision to help another student (helps to catch student thieves, etc.) You, as a Teacher or caring Student, may nominate a student who you think deserves this award. They will be given this award by their school principle, which may remain anonymous and confidential. Please contact your schools HOPE Sunshine Club sponsor or principle to nominate a worthy student. final certificat framed 11x 8