FISP provides the handouts for discussion for all the subjects in the 22 week curriculum .  If your club finds information that they think is helpful, please forward it to FISP via email and upon approval we will add it to the curriculum so other clubs will have access to it as well.  The handouts below are arranged according to subject and the week in which they are part of the curriculum.

Week one

  •    Teacher Sponsor introduces the HOPE Sunshine Club Purpose and program.
  •    Each student introduces themselves and discusses what they think the HOPE Sunshine Club will be about. 

The HOPE Sunshine Club Mission:The purpose of the HOPE Clubs is to educate, support, and develop problem solving, coping and leadership skills, while fostering the prevention of suicide, bullying and substance abuse. The club members will learn to work together to accomplish a common goal of helping each other and their entire school community.

Week Two

  •    Establish Club Rules and constitution
  •  Discuss how to get additional member

HOPE Sunshine Club Rules

Week Three

  •    Discuss duties and responsibilities of Officers
  •    Select officers 
  •    Discuss Teen Board and connection to FISP
  •     Discuss cooperation and interaction with other schools HOPE Sunshine CLUBS  
  •   Discuss HUGS for HOPE Hug-A-Thon

Week Four

  •    Discussion of issues the club will explore for your next several meetings including:
  •     Problem Solving- SUN Program
  •     Suicide Prevention
  •     Substance Abuse Prevention
Dangers of illegal drug use among teens
  •     Bullying
Name Bullying behaviors

Week Five

Discuss the HUGS for HOPE Hug-A-Thon
  • What will the subjects be that the displays cover and what will they look like?
  • Where will it take place?
  • Will your school partner with another school?
  • What will the program look like?

Week Six

  • Students put chairs in a circle and discuss the SUN Ten Steps of the SUN Problem Solving Program.
  • the fisp “The solutions unlimited now” sun program

       SUN TEN Steps

Week Seven

  •    Members put their chairs in a circle and continue the conversation about the SUN Program
  •    Have one member submit or suggest a problem and got through the 10 steps
  •   Take notes of solutions discussed, pros and cons, and how to carry out plan discussion.
Creating a plan worksheet

Week Eight

  •   Continue discussion from previous week using the SUN Problem Solving 10 Steps
  •    Use notes to review previous week Ideas and discussion
Validation handout Empathy

         Week Nine

  •     Discussion about bullying
    a.   Why does the BULLY bully     b.  Who is the Bully?      c.  What effect does bullying have? Bullying is when Different Kinds of Bullying

Week Ten

  •   Discussion about substance abuse
Substance Abuse Overview WEBMD Using Drugs is Scary

Week Eleven

  •    Discussion about Suicide Prevention
20 Suicidal Warning Signs About Suicide When Someone Dies By Suicide

Week Twelve

  •     Discussion about Types of Brain diseases and Disorders- Mental Health
  •     What are the types of mental disorders?
What is mental illness Mental health and mental illness facts Week Thirteen
  •     Discussion about what are the origins of Brain disease- Mental Health
What are the causes of mental illness Disorders of the Brain Bullet points

Week Fourteen

  •     Discussion about Stress and how it affects you
How do I React to Stress Week Fifteen
  • Discussion about the Do's and Don'ts of Social Media
Week Sixteen
  •     Discussion about Anger Management
Anger Management Anger Warning Signs

Week Seventeen

  •     Discuss the dangers of distracted driving.
The Dangers of Texting While Driving How Will You Stop the Wrecks Teenagers Have the Highest Crash Rate in the United States

Week Eighteen

  •      Discuss what is important about having good Communication skills
The Power of Silence communication Skills Communication Skills

Week Nineteen

  •  Discuss “What have you been taught about Gender
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity  Understanding Gender

Week Twenty

•     Discuss Dating Violence                 Is This Abuse                 Is My Relationship Healthy Healthy Relationships Healthy Relationship Quiz Conflict Resolution

Week  Twenty One

  •    Discuss the term Coping Skills
Situations for positive self talk- Coping 10 Coping Steps by Becoming More Resilient Week Twenty Two   HUGS For HOPE Hug-a-thon