The following week by week curriculum is a guide to what the club’s weekly meetings will discuss and the subjects they will cover. This curriculum is meant to help the club members work through some of the most important subjects that they will deal with in high school and beyond. The HOPE Sunshine Club members are encouraged to be innovative and creative with each subject discussed. They must have the flexibility to deal with whatever problems and issues they are dealing with whenever the need arises. It is suggested that during these discussions the chairs should be arranged in a circle in order to enhance communication during the various discussions at club meetings. FISP will provide information about each subject to be explored at the meetings. Most of this information will be available by email or on the website. FISP will be available to support the clubs with any additional information requested. Each week either before or after the business of the club is done, the club will engage in an ice breaker exercise. FISP will provide exercises for the students to use or students can use the ones they have found useful and fun. These exercises are provided to encourage participation, build trust, enhance leadership skills, and increase collaboration amongst club members. Club members are encouraged to participate in various fundraising activities to support the events that the club is involved in and to support FISP HOPE Sunshine Clubs throughout the county. At the end of the school year each club will participate in a HUGS for HOPE Hug-a-Thon. The location of the school’s Hug-a-Thon will depend on whether the school chooses to hold their own Hug-a-thon or take advantage of collaboration. Two or more schools that are in close proximity to each other can choose to hold a joint community Hug-a-Thon. The Hug-a-Thon will include a program created by the students with displays and other amenities such as music, fundraising booths including the sale of t-shirts and HOPE Sunshine Club bracelets, food, and any other additional things the students come up with. The purpose of the Hug-a-Thon is to let the entire school and community know that the HOPE Sunshine Club members care about their fellow students and will be there to help anyone who may be struggling with a problem. Entire Curriculum is available to the teacher sponsor and club president at each school upon the creation of a HOPE Sunshine Club Week 1 - Learn About the Club Week 2 - Establish Club Rules Week 3 - Discuss duties and responsibilities of Officers - Elect Officers Week 4 - Discussion of issues the club will explore Week 5 - Discuss the HUGS for HOPE Hug-a- thon Week 6 - Problem Solving- FISP “Solutions Unlimited Now” SUN Program Week 7 - Problem Solving- FISP “Solutions Unlimited Now” SUN Program Week 8 - Problem Solving- FISP “Solutions Unlimited Now” SUN Program Week 9 - Bullying Prevention Week 10 - Substance Abuse Prevention Week 11 - Suicide Prevention Week 12 - Brain Disorders and Diseases Week 13 - Causes of Brain Disorders and Diseases- Mental Health Week 14 - Social Media Do's and Don'ts Week 15 - Stress Week 16 - Anger Management Week 17 - Distracted Driving Week 18 - Communication skills Week 19 - What about Gender? Week 20 - Dating Violence and Abuse Week Week 21 - Coping Skills Week Week 22- End of school HUG-A-THON PLANNING AND PRESENTATION * For a full curriculum, including numerous handouts involved in the program: call FISP at 954-384-0344