HOPE SUNSHINE CLUB CONSTITUTION   Article I – Name, Purpose The name of the organization will be the HOPE Sunshine Club of (Name of School) This organization will have its purpose to educate, support, and develop problem solving, coping and leadership skills, while fostering the prevention of suicide, bullying, and substance abuse, as directly approved by the student council and indirectly by the school principal and governing board of the School District.   Article II – Membership All students enrolled in (Name of Middle or High School) are eligible for membership. $10 fee for FISP HOPE T-Shirt and bracelet shall […] Read more »

Teenagers Have the Highest Crash Rate in the United States | Huffington Post

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 In a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, distracted driving among teenagers is a much bigger problem than originally thought.  The group says it analyzed nearly 1,700 dashcam videos capturing the actions of teen drivers in the moments before an accident. Alarmingly, distracted driving was found to be a factor in 58 %, or nearly 6 out of 10, moderate to severe crashes. The most common distractions were interacting with other passengers (found in 15 % of crashes caused by distracted driving) and cellphone use (12 %), AAA said “Keep your eyes on […] Read more »


In the February 27, 2015 issue of the Weekly Spark, our research summary explored the conclusions of a literature review about how social connectedness influences suicidal thoughts and behaviors among adolescents. This week we will explore the implications of those findings for suicide prevention practice: that is, strategies that may increase connectedness in ways that protect young people from suicidal thoughts and behaviors. According to the authors of the literature review, research suggests that connectedness within the family has more impact on a young person than connectedness in contexts further from the individual (e.g. the community). However, they also note […] Read more »

Teen Dating Violence Awareness

Here is a post from Home Room the Department of Education's official blog February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. Learning how to spot the signs of an abusive relationship can make a dramatic impact on the lives of teens suffering from dating violence – and could also save lives. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), teen dating violence includes the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence that may occur within a relationship. In many cases, teens in abusive relationships experience severe psychological conflict which can lead to changes in their behavior. Some […] Read more »

D’var Torah

Shabbat Shalom! The parashat for this week is Shemini. In Shemini, Moses instructs Aaron and his sons on what they must bring as offerings to the sanctuary as atonement for any sins ever committed by either themselves or the Israelites. In offering them, the entire people are to be forgiven by God for any wrongdoings. Aaron and his sons carefully followed what they are to do and once Aaron finishes blessing the people, God sends a fire to burn the animals Aaron and his sons had on the altars. Later on, without command from God or Moses’ approval, two of […] Read more »

Last night FISP got great news!  Our HOPE Club at Taravella High School has prevented 4 suicides and saved 4 lives according to Principal Shawn Cerra!   Taravella was the first school to have a FISP HOPE Club which was started 2 years ago after a suicide by one of their students.   Since the HOPE Club started there have been no new suicides and Principal Cerra says that the HOPE Club is a big reason why.  FISP also trained their teachers and staff about Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention techniques. We continue to support all our schools with HOPE Clubs and […] Read more »