Guest opinion: Keep Calm and Parent On

Original Article Mon, Mar 16, 2015, by Adam Strassberg, M.D. What can parents do right now to decrease the risk of suicide in their children? Adam Strassberg, M.D. Photo by Veronica Weber/PaloAltoOnline. Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of being a lunchtime speaker during Career Week at Palo Alto High School. I love my profession, I have a son at Paly right now, and there is a severe national shortage of people who do what I do -- so I was excited to see nearly 150 students crowd into the hall. I am a psychiatrist. Specifically, I am a […] Read more »


In the February 27, 2015 issue of the Weekly Spark, our research summary explored the conclusions of a literature review about how social connectedness influences suicidal thoughts and behaviors among adolescents. This week we will explore the implications of those findings for suicide prevention practice: that is, strategies that may increase connectedness in ways that protect young people from suicidal thoughts and behaviors. According to the authors of the literature review, research suggests that connectedness within the family has more impact on a young person than connectedness in contexts further from the individual (e.g. the community). However, they also note […] Read more »

Common Signs that a Teen is Considering Suicide

In this video created by Mayo Clinic, teens describe common signs that a teen is considering suicide and provide encouragement for communicating directly and immediately for support and safety. It also Includes suggestions for what to say to a teen who may be at risk for suicide and ways to keep them safe. Things can get better. Read more »


Parents are welcome to ask questions and/or make remarks about their child in a  HOPE Club and how they are enjoying it and what they are learning. Please add your experiences and tips for other parents.  FISP will add tips and information that parents might find useful. Teen Suicide Prevention from the Mayo Clinic Read more »