Article I – Name, Purpose The name of the organization will be the HOPE Sunshine Club of (Name of School) This organization will have its purpose to educate, support, and develop problem solving, coping and leadership skills, while fostering the prevention of suicide, bullying, and substance abuse, as directly approved by the student council and indirectly by the school principal and governing board of the School District.   Article II – Membership All students enrolled in (Name of Middle or High School) are eligible for membership. $10 fee for FISP HOPE T-Shirt and bracelet shall be paid by each member to The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention, annually. If a member cannot pay this fee it can be subsidized by the club, fundraising or a sponsor. Article III –Meetings Meetings will be held after school unless specified at other times when a special meeting is called. (State day and time, such as Wednesday 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.)   Article IV –Club Officers The club shall consist of the following: President or Co- Presidents Vice-president Hugs-for HOPE Hug-A-Thon Vice-president Treasurer Secretary Historian Publicity Chair and any other Committees or Chairs specified by the Club as needed   Article V – Duties The club president or Co-Presidents will have the following duties: To preside over meetings of the club To call special meetings of the club To plan and prepare an agenda for the club meetings Attend or assign a member to attend FISP teen board meetings at specified schools   The club vice president will have the following duties: To serve as club president if the president becomes unable to fulfill his or her duties either temporarily or permanently To support the club president   The club treasurer will have the following duties: To maintain complete and accurate record of all club receipts and disbursements To oversee club fund-raising efforts To supervise the preparation of the club budget   The club secretary will have the following duties:  To maintain accurate minutes of each meeting To carry out all correspondence for the club   The club historian will have the following duty: To supply all information and photographs to be published on the school’s page on the to the FISP Office for placement on the site.   The publicity chair will have the following duty: To publicize all club activities and fund raisers through the school bulletin, school marquee, posters, and website.   Article VII – Elections The club will hold the election of officers once a year. The voting will take place by secret ballot. Names of the officers will be recorded with the student council.   Article IX – Amendment   A two-thirds majority vote of the members in attendance is required to amend this club constitution.